Who’s Responsible for a Child’s Education?

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Perhaps an obvious question, but one I find is not often thought about. As teachers, there are a lot more people involved in the education of a child in our classrooms than just us. Education has many stakeholders. Perhaps the most important are the learners themselves and, in YL classrooms, the parents. Then you have the teachers, the administrators, and the curriculum developers as well.

We don’t teach in a vacuum and, as teachers, to do the best we can for a child, we need to align all interested parties. We may think we teach the best way, but if the parents don’t believe it, they won’t support you at home. If an administrator doesn’t believe it, you’ll face a lot of conflict in the school. If you don’t believe in you’re curriculum, you won’t be enthusiastic about the material you teach.  All these people want what’s best for the learners.  Everyone will have differing ideas on what that is and part of our job is to foster cooperation and support so that children can get the best education possible.

As a teacher, how do you involve others in the lives of your learners and your classrooms?  Could you foster more learning by thinking about the wider circle outside your classroom?


  • By John Schoenthaler, December 14, 2011 @ 6:44 am

    I notice that Asian parents are very interested in their child’s education and having just read a paper in the JOURNAL OF YOUTH AND ADOLESCENCE Vol 12 No 5 pp 373-386 regarding the importance in adolescence of parental attachment to a child’s sense of success and well-being, I can tell you the parents are the most important segment of the wider circle outside the classroom.

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